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Hayama Mizuki (羽山 ミズキ)
27 May 2020 @ 06:17 pm


NAME: Neko/Tina
EMAIL: Priestesskokat[at]aol[dot]com
AIM/YAHOO: KoibitoIuKoneko [AIM], Priestesskokat[at]yahoo[dot]com
CHARACTER NAME: Mizuki "Miki" Hayama
CHARACTER SERIES: Ef - A tale of Melodies.

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Hayama Mizuki (羽山 ミズキ)
27 May 2020 @ 06:00 pm

I am always looking for critique.
Mizuki is a fairly new muse and quite different from most I've tried so I'd love any pointers for her... or even in general!
So please don't hold back!

Anon is turned on. All comments are screened. IP logging is turned off.
Hayama Mizuki (羽山 ミズキ)
20 November 2011 @ 10:00 pm
YEEEAAAAAHHH! We won! We woooon! Party? Hey Captain! Cap'n!


I really want to have a party. ComeoncomeoncomeoncomeonCOMEON. We can have soft serve ice cream-- I'll ask the elves for it. I'm sure they can whip some up and it's TOTALLY better than a cake or whatever other desert than can whip up. Not that they're bad but that would be the best. Oh! Oh oh! And we can invite all the lonely people too so they won't feel lonelier and it'd be a huge friendship-celebration party thing.

Wait. It'd be in the common room huh. Guess that won't work. Shoot. Um. Well! We can figure out details later! Or a party later on for them could work. [blot] I'm just so excited and happy and and and and it's so hard to write.

But this is awesome! I mean. I had that nightmare again recently. Well, a nightmare is closest to what it is. I think it's because of the holiday season. Not that surprising. 'Cause of stuff that happened and all. And I guess I'll have to prepare to wake up earlier as the dream makes me so sluggish-- You know dreaming of drowning and flowers which are really hands pulling you down into a abyss sorta of takes a toll. In a weird groggy way again. Right. But but but then we WON. Yeah! Yesssss! Not that the dream ever holds me down long! Hahaha!

Wow I wrote a lot.

Oh right. My birthday is coming up too. I wonder if this can get more awesome and I can go visit my cousin during Christmas. It's not as stuffy there.

I'm going to stop writing now. I should stop writing. I'm stopping now. And then I'm going to dance.
Hayama Mizuki (羽山 ミズキ)
05 November 2011 @ 12:18 pm
So so so so so so SO

So! Guess what! I finally got one of these awesome journal things and I have to say they're so so awe co so cool! Awh man! I should've gotten one sooner. What should I start writing-- Oh-- Um.

Right! Dear Journal-everyone-thing! I’ll name you later I promise I guess I should reintroduce myself to those who have these just in case I don't really know you. Right? Right! Not that I wouldn’t know whoever that responds but I need to get used to this I'm Mizuki! Mizuki Hayama! Capricorn! Blood type AB! I like running, quidditch, music, video games, comics, movies-- I'm listing But but but but-- Hi!

Anyone up for a run around the lake? Huh? Huuuuh?